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A one-man consulting firm for all your online business needs from hosting to social media marketing, I provide search engine optimization, web design and development, paid advertising management, implementation of content management systems and email marketing.

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Web Design

Informative and interactive web sites are the cornerstone of online marketing. Leverage the power of your organization's web site through ease of use, compelling content, customized application based information delivery, and use of digital media for visual resonance. Use these methods to deliver the information your visitors need.

User Centered Design creates an environment that puts the visitor's ease of use ahead of 'bells and whistles' to make sure the information they seek is easy to find. Simple navigation should be based on visitors expectations. Content presentation is customized to target your audience.

Web Applications provide a variety of functionality to your organization and your site's visitors. Simple email form and bulletin board scripts can be implemented for user interaction, or custom content can be delivered from your database to visitors based on login information or location. Sales leads, contact prefernces, and demographics can be captured and stored.

Digitial Media and Graphic Presentations provide eye catching elements to the presentation of your information to help engage your visitors attention to the information you most want to bring to their attention.

Responsive Design is a design principle which employs a variety of techniques used to make your site look good in all used mobile devices and screen sizes.

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Social Media Marketing

Web 2.0 is now the medium of choice for many Internet users. Discussion forums and user groups now exist in the shadow of popular blogs and social networking sites. People look for expertise not at their local boutique outlet or print magazine, but in the posting of well trusted bloggers or expert users in other online communities. These online communities are where consumer decisions are made on a daily basis.

Word of mouth at the corner store has been replaced by word of mouth from around the world. Information has left the 'one to many' model of distribution that magazine readers and television watchers grew up with. Today information, marketing, branding, and reputations evolve in a world of ongoing 'many to many' conversations.

Finding the right social media outlets to get your message to your consumers is a challenge. Be a part of those conversations with your customers.


Search Engine Optimization

A great looking and informative web site provides its visitors with the information they need about your organization. It provides a platform to get your message across to a potentially vast audience. To get the most from the cost and effort put into the creation and maintenance of your web site it is important to make sure that your site is easily found.

Organic Search is how people find your site using Google, Yahoo, and other search engines unless you've paid for adverting on those sites. Where your site shows up in search returns determines who does an doesn't see it. With the right keywords, Meta tags, link labels and content structure your site's search results rankings will rise. Having the right site architecture also helps your visitors find the information they're looking for that much more easily.

Web Analytics will give you a moving picture of your web site's progress in reaching more visitors and how those visitors are finding your site. Not only will you see which search engines and keywords they are using to find your site, but you'll also see what information they look at once they arrive. Targeted promotions including paid advertising and social media initiatives can be tracked on a daily basis; web site content can be optimized on an on-going basis.


Paid Advertising

Want to target a specific audience in a crowded market place? Get past the clutter.

Google, Yahoo, and Miva are some of the well established companies that offer pay per click advertising services. Using targeted keywords you can ensure that your web site appears on the first page of search results. Using contextual advertising your site can appear on relevant web sites which carry advertising for those companies. Depending on the nature of your site banner advertising may still be appropriate.

Many social media sites now carry paid advertising as well. Target specific demographics using various social networking tools such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use their internal networks social awareness tools to find the right audience for your message.

Paid advertising is an effective way of bringing your message to the forefront of search results and content networks.

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